Meet Angela B. Reed

A naturally caffeinated communicator & connector, Angela
B. Reed was born & raised in the south. A native Georgian,
she is a sucker for a welcoming front porch, the sweet smell
of honeysuckles in the summer, and charming old buildings
that breathe stories between their bricks. With a love for
the Lord, sharing His word, and encouraging others, she
takes zero credit for everything God has done in her life and
vows to be completely used up when her time on this side
of heaven is complete.

With a background that spans from the stages of Miss
America Scholarship Pageants to the classrooms of early
childhood education environments and corporate training
and facilitation arenas, Angela’s broad and diverse
experience has afforded her the opportunity to engage with
audiences of all ages and demographics.

Blessed with an amazing husband and two of the most
precious boys you’ll ever meet, Angela is the lone lil’ lady of
the house. Reading and writing have been lifelong hobbies
and she is discovering new hobbies, such as long morning
walks and growing a green thumb. With an affinity for
people, Angela is passionate about hearing the life stories
of others that shape our world.

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